Group weight loss course

Would you like to lose weight in a way:

  • that’s healthy and sustainable
  • that doesn’t involve counting calories
  • that allows you to feel satisfied with delicious food?

My successful 6-week group course, Healthy Weight Loss for Life will help you do just that. Meeting weekly, you will learn how:

  • to become a fat burner
  • to plan your plate to lose weight while still feeling full
  • your gut health affects your weight
  • to identify and change aspects of your lifestyle which might be preventing you from losing weight
  • weight loss can help with pre-existing health conditions

Previous course attendees said:

“… an invaluable tool in understanding weight loss and the complexities of trying to lose weight safely and healthily. The course exceeded my expectations and has instilled me into making informed healthy choices, without depriving foods…. I have lost 16lbs over the 6 weeks and it has set me up for life changing eating habits. Thank you!”

“The word diet was never mentioned, it was all about being good to your body and if you are, you will naturally lose weight. Once I started listening to my body I was automatically going for the healthier option…. I learnt something new each week.”

To see where and when the course is running next, visit my Eventbrite page. If you are in East London or South-West Essex and would like me to run the course for you and a group of colleagues or friends (minimum 6, maximum 12 people) then I would be happy to help – please get in touch.