Personal Consultations

berriesWe live in an age of instant gratification, and when it comes to our health, many people are looking for a magic bullet, a “pill for an ill”. Naturopathic methods, including nutritional therapy, work differently. We are working to change the environment within the body and this can take time, especially if ill health has been developing over a period of some years. Most clients will require at least an 8 week programme, and longer may be required if you have complex health conditions. (If you do not have a chronic health condition, you might like to have a Diet & Lifestyle MoT.) See the programmes and prices page for more details.

Consultations ideally take place in person, although if distance is an object we can also work together via Skype. I am delighted to offer consultations in two lovely multidisciplinary health centres; the Geoffrey Lloyd Foulkes Clinic in Ilford and Forest Therapy Centre in South Woodford. I also have a clinic in Targetfit gym on Wanstead High Street – easily accessible from the City via the Central Line.

If you wish and if it is appropriate, I may suggest ordering simple functional tests, for example to identify nutritional deficiencies, to detect hormonal imbalances or levels of toxins. These would be paid for separately.

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