“Working with Joan has been very valuable and I’ve learned so much. We met and first started with a breakdown with what I’m eating, my supplement protocol and the health issues I’m facing. At the meeting she made me feel at ease and comfortable. Shortly afterwards she typed up a comprehensive plan for me to follow including stressing the importance and thus increasing my amount of plant protein (and giving sources) among many other ideas. I was pleasantly surprised and have referred to that list pretty much daily ever since! Joan is friendly, thorough, compassionate, and easy to work with. I have considered her invaluable in my quest to feeling better! Thank you Joan for all of your support!”

Linda, aged 42


“Your talk was very inspiring and I’m sure you made lots of ladies stop and think about their diets and lifestyle.”

Gilly, aged 50, founder of Flat Friends UK


“You were very professional and I would recommend you to everyone.”

Mia, aged 51


“Joan is a knowledgeable, thoughtful and interesting speaker. She gave a talk at our charity meet up on gut health to a group of young women with cancer. We were so grateful to have Joan there. Having been through cancer myself, I wouldn’t hesitate to be supported by Joan or recommend her to others.”

Sophie, aged 26, Trew Fields Festival founder and Victoria’s Promise Network Manager 


Image: http://www.freeimages.co.uk