How I can help

People - everyone is different

Are you feeling confused by conflicting dietary advice in the media, in books or online? Why do some people seem to thrive on a particular diet while others feel tired or ill on it? Nutritional therapy moves away from generalised advice by putting you at the centre of the process. You are an individual, with a unique set of genes, internal environment affecting how those genes are expressed, biochemistry, previous dietary choices, medical and lifestyle history. It makes sense that your nutritional requirements will be unique to you.

During a nutritional therapy consultation, you have a chance to tell me your individual health story – everything that has brought you to the point you are at now. We have to understand your health timeline and the ways in which it has affected you first. Only then can we put together a personalised plan to optimise your health and wellbeing. I practise based on the Functional Medicine model. This means that my aim is to uncover and deal with the root cause of any ill-health conditions, rather than simply easing symptoms.

I have particular interests in supporting women who have received a breast cancer diagnosis, and nutritional therapy can help during and after treatment. I can also help you with digestion and gut health issues, autoimmune diseases and diabetes.

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