Programmes for Cancer Support

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Having been through cancer treatment myself, I understand just what a traumatic time it can be. While nutritional therapy cannot change what is happening, there are many evidence-based ways in which food and lifestyle interventions can support you at this time. Depending on your individual situation, we might use nutritional therapy to help you maintain your weight during treatment, to optimise treatment efficacy or to help make side effects more manageable to support your quality of life.

The time shortly after treatment has finished can often be surprisingly worrying. Without the routine of regular hospital appointments, it is not at all uncommon to feel just a little bit lost. Focusing on your health during this time can be a very empowering thing to do. The knowledge that everything you eat is supporting your health and recovery can help reduce the stress around your health. Good nutrition and lifestyle can influence recurrence risk.

Going through cancer treatment can be a very intense and challenging time. The demands of attending hospital appointments along with the challenges of coping with treatment side effects can often make weekly nutrition calls impractical. For this reason, I offer nutritional therapy programmes for cancer support that are structured differently than for people dealing with other conditions.

All programmes contain:

  1. An initial consultation (approx. 90 minutes) in which I discover your full health history and carry out an in-depth health and lifestyle assessment. I will find out more about your cancer diagnosis and treatment, review your diet diary, explore what foods you like and how food preparation and eating fit into your lifestyle. We will also discuss other factors in your life that may influence your health, including stress, sleep, movement and relaxation.
  2. Follow up Zoom consultations (number dependent on the programme you choose), each approx. 60 minutes. These are an opportunity to review how the initial plan has gone and amend it as necessary in light of your changing health requirements. If tests were ordered during the initial consultation, I will interpret the results and you will receive a copy.
  3. 15 minute support phone calls between consultations to provide you with additional support.
  4. Following each Zoom consultation I will send you a personalised health plan to suit your lifestyle and your needs. This will include:
    • guidelines on what foods to eat and what to avoid
    • meal and menu ideas
    • information relevant to your health and to understanding it
    • any nutritional supplements which may be of benefit, which I will have fully checked for interactions with your medication
    • guidance on other lifestyle factors if appropriate, such as sleep, movement and relaxation
    • a referral letter (for example to your GP or oncologist), if necessary
  5. A 10% discount on any recommended supplements.

Silver Cancer Support Programme – £345

This is an ideal programme for supporting you throughout treatment, or for supporting your return to health after treatment.

This programme consists of the initial consultation, 2 follow up consultations and 3 x 15 minute support phone calls.

Gold Cancer Support Programme – £545

This programme is ideal for you if you wish to have nutritional support both during cancer treatment and beyond. You may also wish to buy this programme if you had complex health concerns before your cancer diagnosis, or if you wish to dig deep into underlying imbalances in the body.

This programme consists of the initial consultation, 4 follow up consultations and 5 x 15 minute support phone calls.

If you are unsure which programme is for you, please book a discovery call with me by clicking here.

Payment and cancellations

Full payment is required at the time of booking and no consultation will take place without payment. Payment can be made by bank transfer, Stripe, or by cheque (posted with time to clear before the consultation).

Cancellations made after the health questionnaire has been returned will incur a fixed charge of £50, as I will start my research on receipt of the questionnaire. Cancellations made within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment time will also be charged at £50.

The appointments in the Cancer Support Programmes are intended to be taken within the following timeframes:

  • Silver Cancer Support Programme – 4 months
  • Gold Cancer Support Programme – 8 months

If programmes exceed these timeframes without prior arrangement, I reserve the right to charge an additional £20 to cover my time spent in re-familiarising myself with the case.

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