Programmes and Prices

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We live in an age of instant gratification, and when it comes to our health, many people are looking for a magic bullet, a “pill for an ill”. Naturopathic methods, including nutritional therapy, work differently. We are working to change the environment within the body and this can take time, especially if ill health has been developing over a period of some years. Most clients will require at least a 6 week programme, and longer may be required if you have complex health conditions. (If you do not have a chronic health condition, you might like to have a Diet & Lifestyle MoT.)

All consultations take place from the comfort of your own home via video call.

If you wish and if it is appropriate, I may suggest ordering simple functional tests, for example to identify nutritional deficiencies, to detect hormonal imbalances or levels of toxins. These would be paid for separately.

All programmes contain:

  1. An initial consultation (approx 90 minutes) in which I discover your full health history and carry out an in-depth health and lifestyle assessment. I will find out more about what you would like to achieve, review your diet diary, explore what foods you like and how food preparation and eating fit into your lifestyle. We will also discuss other factors in your life that may influence your health, including stress, sleep, movement and relaxation.
  2. Key recommendations for you to focus on for the week ahead – these will be updated weekly as you move through the programme.
  3. Weekly/fortnightly 20-30 minute progress calls. During these calls we will discuss how you have got on with the recommendations from the previous week, we will modify your goals to reflect your progress and I will advise you on changes to make during the next week to help you towards achieving these goals.
  4. Recommendations on supplements and/or functional testing if appropriate, and interpretation of tests (supplements and tests are not included in the programme cost).
  5. A 10% discount on supplements.
  6. A full check for interactions between your current medications and any supplements I recommend.
  7. A referral letter (for example to your GP), if necessary.
  8. Ideas for menu planning and recipes may be included, if these form part of your weekly plans.

Silver Programme – £295

With this programme, we commit to supporting your health for 1-2 months. This is a good starter level programme for anyone with a chronic health issue and you should begin to experience improvements within this time. With contact every week or every fortnight, I can support you to make gradual changes for lasting benefit. This programme consists of the initial consultation and 4 weekly or fortnightly progress calls (frequency to be determined to suit your circumstances).

Gold Programme – £450

This programme allows us to dig deeper into your health problems. My aim is to find the root causes of imbalances in the body and help you to restore balance. The body wants to heal, and when balance is restored you give it the conditions to do so! This programme requires a commitment from both you and me to work closely together for 2-4 months, and consists of the initial consultation and 8 progress calls (weekly or fortnightly, to be determined depending on your case). This level of involvement means that you will feel very well supported to make lasting changes.

Payment and cancellations

Full payment is required at the time of booking and no consultation will take place without payment. Payment can be made by bank transfer, Stripe or by cheque (posted with time to clear before the consultation).

Cancellations made after the health questionnaire has been returned will incur a fixed charge of £50, as I will start my research upon receipt of the questionnaire. Cancellations made within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment time will also be charged at £50.

The appointments in the Silver and Gold Programme are intended to be taken within the time frames specified. If more than 2 months pass between appointments in a programme without prior arrangement, I reserve the right to charge an additional £20 to cover my time spent in re-familiarising myself with the case.

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